From his birth up to the 4th of June

Sayyid Ahmad was born on the 15th of March 1946. Four years prior to his birth, the aggressive Allied forces had occupied the homeland, and in a new game, had seated Muhammad Reza Pahlavi on the throne of the imperial monarchy.

Imam Khomeini wrote ‘Kashfe Asrar’ in 1943 two years before Ahmad was born. In this book he openly discusses how an Islamic government can be established. One year later the Imam issued his first political statement inviting the people and the Howzas all over Iran to protest in the name of God.

During his childhood Sayyid Ahmad was surrounded by a spiritual environment and warmth, which was given by the great Khomeini. In the nights, the murmur of the recital of Qur’anic verses by his father were heard, and during the days, there was talk about knowledge and struggle [jihad], about the manner of delivering the Iranian oppressed people from the tyranny of the oppressive rulers, and about disclosing secrets.

Throughout his childhood and adolescence, Ahmad was brought up in an environment where the limited finances of his mother and the trivial income of the inherited property of his father in Khomein, would not suffice as the only source of their livelihood. However, Imam Khomeini did not abandon his ascetic manner even slightly, not even during the days where he was the leader of millions of people in a large country. It was these characteristics, behaviors, talks, policies, struggles, and prayers which made Sayyid Ahmad who he was.

Unlike the culture which ruled over most religious families during those periods, in the household Ahmad was brought up in, there was no sign of a dictator father, who interfered in the personal affairs of his children. The educative framework of the Imam was the Islamic law, which states that the personality of children and their freedom of choice within the religious framework are valued. It is the very children who undertake the responsibility of choosing and determining their upcoming path and fate. Of course, it is evident that the Imam’s shadow of guidance, his firmness, charisma, and the luminous and attractive ray he had, affected the spirit and soul of the children in such a manner, that it made them easily choose the right path.

Qom-Imam Khomeini, Sayyid Ahmad, Sayyid Mustafa (left to right)

It is under such circumstances that Ahmad acquired his first social experience in primary school and became familiar with the existing difficulties and contradictions of that time’s society. He was very energetic and active during his childhood and was not an isolated child.

In the third year of high school he played football, and simultaneously with his studies became a member of the Qom football team. He also became the team captain for a while. In addition he got a Natural Sciences Diploma from the Hakim Nizami High School in Qom.

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